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Saturday Day Hike

While we were camping at North Willow canyon this weekend my daughter and I took a short hike on Stansbury Front Trail.


BushClassUSA Assignment: Tarp Shelter

We we’re camping at North Willow Canyon for the Fourth of July holiday weekend and I managed to get the Tarp Shelter BushClassUSA assignment finished.

Here you can see the completed project; which stood strong for three days.

I used the RidgeLine I made for the Ridge Line Assignment:Stick Toggles:Two-Half-Hitch knots to secure paracord line to tarp:Tautline Hitch Knot used on the stake end of the line:

Winter Bushcrafting at North Willow Canyon

This January we took a drive up North Willow Canyon.  We went up as far as we could and found this great spot just a short hike off the road.  We spent the afternoon practicing our bushcraft skills and had a great time!

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