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Should Hunting be Allowed on Antelope Island?

Antelope Island State Park, Utah: Facts and History

Antelope Island is one of the Parks on my Top Ten Utah State Parks to Photograph Before I Die.  You can see more pictures from our Antelope Island trip here.

The Island

Antelope Island is the largest of the ten islands in the Great Salt Lake measuring fifteen miles long and seven miles across at it’s widest point. It lies entirely within Davis County, Utah.

It consists of over 28,000 acres of low mountains, grasslands, marshes, and sand dunes with the Frary peak reaching an elevation of 6,596 feet (2,010 m), which is about 2,500 feet (762 m) above the level of the lake (4200ft).

Antelope Island has 40 major freshwater springs found primarily on the East side, producing 36 million gallons of water each year.

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