How to Prep Coffee Can Cookware


3 thoughts on “How to Prep Coffee Can Cookware”

  1. I think given the direction of the world and all its uncertainties, that it would behoove everyone to learn more survival techniques. I appreciate the information you provide on this site.

  2. I also wanted to say, that sometimes I think researching areas to find out where there have been any toxic spills or landfills so you aren’t knowingly creating more problems for your future. I discovered that someone I knew had ended up with severe health issues after camping in the same areas for years. In investigating this, the neuro symptoms etc were linked to a toxic substance. I wrote a similar story recently about another situation that just arose recently in LeRoy, NY.
    It seems to be more common, or at least more of the toxic spills and behaviors over decades are coming back to haunt man and kill man. “Collective illness.”
    Thanks for all your environmental awareness as well.

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