‘Dumped’ Pythons Put Squeeze on Everglades Wildlife – Yahoo! News

Sixteen-foot-long pythons aren’t just frightening movie concepts, they are a real-life threat in the Everglades where they are annihilating the park’s mammal populations to unrecoverable numbers, researchers now say.

The pythons entered the park from households that kept the snakes as pets, and may also have been set loose by hurricanes in the ’90s, researchers say. Rangers started noticing the python’s presence in 2000, when two snakes were removed from national lands. The number of pythons has skyrocketed, with more than 300 pythons being removed from the Everglades every year since 2007. Researchers don’t know their true numbers but estimate at least tens of thousands of the giant snakes inhabit the National Everglades Park.

via ‘Dumped’ Pythons Put Squeeze on Everglades Wildlife – Yahoo! News.


One thought on “‘Dumped’ Pythons Put Squeeze on Everglades Wildlife – Yahoo! News”

  1. This is why man ought to not be in charge of the earth. Some men’s ideas of dominion mean doing what ever they feel, even if it is at the cost of other life. Pythons ought to never have been allowed to be gotten as pets. That is just plain stupid. If we thought before we did many things, we perhaps would not do them knowing what the consequences would be. We have single handedly upset the ecosystems of the earth in such a way, that it will take the very Creator to restore balance. This is our legacy. What a shameful act of stupidity.

    Yisraela a

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