2 thoughts on “Ingrid Newkirk: Military Misconduct: Sheep-beating Video Surfaces”

  1. I had never seen the video. I am not sure why. It makes me want to vomit. My insides revolt as my mind wishes I could make them feel what they are inflicting upon an innocent life. My heart sheds tears for this and all animals abused, neglected used for fur trade and research. We don’t need more laws, we need a change of heart, mind and spirit. laws won’t change what may not be able to be changed. It takes no courage to abuse or kill another life smaller and more weak than man. I wrote similar posts regarding such topics of animal abuse from other perspectives. If you wish to read them – I am at http://2embracethelight.wordpress titled “Isn’t it Enough?”, “Freedom’s Fear,” “It’s Only An Animal,” “Epitome of Loyalty.” I know that the actions of those who do such dastardly things will come back to haunt them. That much I do know and bank on. They need to feel what that poor defenseless animal felt. Being a student of Human behavior as well as Animal Health Technology, I have seen more, the evidence of anti social to Sociopathic behavior that comes out of many who start with viciously abusing and killing animals. It is more than just an animal issue. It is a human behavior issue.
    Glad you too are a voice.

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