Dolphin Slaughter in Denmark

Warning:  Graphic Footage


One thought on “Dolphin Slaughter in Denmark”

  1. Thank you for leaving your website on mine in support of and to strengthen our resolve in bringing to light very cruel behaviors of mankind toward life that deserves to live free. Such animal cruelty acts are not uncommon in Europe and even here. I like to think we are more regulated but working in the animal field as well as human behavior, we have shed plenty of blood for the sake of whatever we felt was right. I am doing a followup post due to a question regarding why it continues to go on and will write another post regarding outrageous and sickening animal abuses in the fur industry. Heaven help the people if I saw them. I remember how I reacted to this young boy in Arizona who was throwing rocks at ducks. Anyway, I appreciate that there are fellow humans with hearts and souls who fight against the outrage these sick twisted persons do to these wonderful beautiful necessary creatures. I will visit you again and I love the look of your blog and the wonderful feel of the photography.
    Very nice

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