Wildlife Advocates Keep Urging on Gulf Action

bp = brown pelican
Image by kbaird via Flickr

By: Dominique Burgunder-Johnson

More than one and a half years following the BP oil spill in the Gulf, America‘s wildlife advocates have been keeping the voice high for Congress to do their part to help protect and restore Gulf wildlife.

In December, roughly 15,000 wildlife advocates sent messages to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, asking him to make sure the RESTORE Act–legislation dedicating money from BP‘s oil spill fines to restoring the Gulf–passed before the end of the year.

These actions were crucial in helping to raise the importance of this legislation with Senate leadership and helped keep up momentum for moving this legislation forward in the next few months.

The BP oil spill sent more than 200 million gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico last year and polluted more than a thousand miles of coastline. It was the largest accidental spill of oil into marine waters in history–and wildlife in the Gulf was hit particularly hard.

Congress has yet to pass any kind of legislation in response to the spill, and unless they take action soon, the fines paid by BP and the other companies responsible will simply be deposited into the Treasury, and won’t be used to restore the regions affected by the spill.

Keep raising the voice for Gulf wildlife in 2012!


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