BushClassUSA Assignment: Make A Personal Survival Kit

This BushClassUSA Assignment was to make a personal survival kit that would fit into a cargo pocket and reflect the needs of water, shelter, fire, signaling, travel, and sustenance.

Here’s my PSK.  The bag/pouch is a repurposed first-aid kit received as a safety award from work.  It’s fits into a cargo pocket nicely but can also be clipped onto a belt loop as well.

My mora triflex for scale.  Note the REI signal whistle clipped to the bag.

The outer pocket contains a small mirror inside a zip-lock baggie.

Once opened the bag will lay flat.  There is a zippered compartment on the right and a mesh one on the left.  In the center there is a small stretch band.

Contents on the left side and center:  One imitation SAK, 2 glowsticks, 1 lighter, 20 ft. OD Green Paracord, and one altoids tin sealed with orange tape.  More on it later.

Contents on the right side: 1 bandana, 1 small flashlight, 1 1gal. zip-lock bag, 1 mylar emergency blanket in its own sealed baggie.

Now to the altoids tin.  Taped to the top there are 5 waterproof matches, 5 lead sinker weights, one magnetized sewing needle, and two safety pins with 5 fishing hooks attached to each.

Here are the contents of the tin:

Top Row:  1 safety pin, 1 alcohol swab, 2 band-aids, 2 packets of water purification tablets, 1 packet containing 4 ibuprofin, 2 tylenol, and 1 benedryl, 5ft. of snare wire, 1 sewing bobbin full of 10lb test fishing line, 1 wire saw.

Bottom Row: 1 piece of aluminum foil (approx. 10in square), 1 pencil, 1 sheet of paper, 2 button compasses, 3 extra batteries for the flashlight, 1 birthday candle, 1 small firesteel with striker, one piece of charcloth.
Overall I’m pretty satisfied with this kit.  I feel like it covers the basic needs and it’s small and light enough to carry without being annoying.

Some changes that will be made when possible is to exchange the OD green paracord and blue bandana for their orange variety, exchange the picture hanging wire for some proper snare wire, upgrade the wire saw, switch out the mirror with a signal mirror, and exchange the paper and pencil with the write in the rain paper.


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