BushClassUSA Assignment – Twig Fire

We went camping again this weekend and I finally got a chance to do this assignment.

I gathered all my fuel prep and sorted it into three piles.  On the left we have our pencil lead sized twigs.  In the center are the pencil sized twigs.  And on the right we have the thumb sized twigs.

After gathering the fuel I started working on the platform and brace to build the fire on.  In the fire pit I laid several larger branches across to form a platform.  On top of those I put another two branches to use as my brace.

The next step was to make feathersticks.

Once my feathersticks were in place I prepped a piece of cedar bark and got out my firesteel and charcloth.  I lit the charcloth, put it into the cedar bark bundle, blew that to flame, then placed it in my feathersticks.

That's my nephew and assistant Cole

As soon as the feathersticks were burning good I added a handfull of pencil-lead sized twigs; leaning them against the brace.

After the pencil-lead sized twigs took to flame I added a handful of pencil-sized twigs to the fire across the previous.

Then, after those were burning I added the thumb sized twigs to the fire.



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