Homemade Slingshot

This is a homemade slingshot I finished today.  It’s made from a ceder branch scavenged from the wood pile at our last visit to the cabin.  The bands are a replacement set for a daisy slingshot from Wal-Mart.  The handle is whipped with OD Green paracord and the lanyard is paracord also.

It was fairly easy to make:

  • First cut the branch to appropriate size leaving a bit extra for final adjustments.
  • Then debarked and did a little carving to fine tune the profile and handle.
  • Sanded, sanded, and sanded some more.
  • Drilled holes for bands and lanyard.
  • Carved plugs for the bands from a piece of hardwood dowel.
  • Did the whipping on the handle.
  • Added the lanyard.

It was a fun project and I’m pretty proud of it!

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