Valentines Weekend Trip to a Cabin

We had a great opportunity to spend the weekend at a friends cabin in the mountains west of Heber City, Utah.  Veronica had Friday off work so she and and Gary arrived Thursday night as she announced on her facebook page.

I  had to work Friday night  so Shawna and I didn’t get on the road until Saturday morning.  It was a two-hour drive but well worth it.

The weather was beautiful with temps in the 40’s and  clear blue skies.  Some of the snow had melted off but it was still knee deep in places.

We did get in a short hike around the cabin but without snowshoes it was a real challenge!  There were rabbit tracks all over the place but we didn’t see any out this trip.

Here are a few pics from the hike:


2 thoughts on “Valentines Weekend Trip to a Cabin”

  1. NatureLovinFamily, this looks like a great trip. That is not a cabin – it is a small wooden palace. Nothing like forest, snow and fresh air to blow cobwebs out of the brain or recharge the batteries. Better invest in some snow shoes for next season. Glad you had a wonderful time.

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