BLM Continues Active Management of Maguire Daisy

The U.S Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) recently de-listed the Maguire daisy. Based on the available data, the BLM supports this decision. The BLM has worked closely with FWS, other federal and state agencies, and conservation groups to provide the necessary management and data that lead to the de-listing of the species. Juan Palma, BLM Utah State Director, expressed appreciation for the several agency and non-agency individuals who worked together to effect the de-listing of the plant.

“Recovery of endangered species is most successful when agencies work together to meet common goals” said Bekee Hotzee of the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service.

The Maguire daisy is the first species to be de-listed using funding dedicated to the management and recovery of threatened and endangered plant and animal species. With this funding, the BLM in Utah conducted inventory and monitoring actions that defined the range and status of the daisy. Additional specific actions will be undertaken this coming field season and will include the construction of buck and rail fencing to protect key habitat areas, construction of new kiosks with information regarding the daisy, and continuation of invasive species control efforts within habitat areas. Inventory and monitoring efforts will also continue in support of a post-delisting monitoring plan using funding from the BLM Washington Office.

This funding will also be used to study other rare species during the upcoming 2011 field season. These species include the least chub, Ute’s ladies tresses, Jones cycladenia, the Coral Pink Sand Dunes tiger beetle, and three rare species of plants found in the Frisco Mountain range north and west of Cedar City, Utah. The BLM Threatened and Endangered Species Recovery Fund was established in 2010 to implement key recovery actions that culminate in the de-listing or down listing of federally listed species or the removal of species from candidate consideration. The Maguire daisy was first listed as endangered in 1985 and down listed to threatened in 1996.


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