Raptor Inventory Nest Survey Volunteers Needed in Utah

Birds of Prey
Image by Tjflex2 via Flickr

The Bureau of Land Management, Utah is asking for volunteers to help conduct the annual Raptor Inventory Nest Survey (RINS) this spring in northern Utah.  Training workshops will be held February 26 and March 5, 2011. To become a volunteer you will need to attend one of the available workshops at the BLM Salt Lake Field Office, 2370 South 2300 West, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Those interested in becoming a volunteer do not need previous experience, or science credentials.  The requirements are that you enjoy Utah’s outdoors, particularly the West Desert, and a desire to help the magnificent birds of prey.  It is recommended that you own a pair of binoculars, a GPS unit, and have an e-mail address.  The time commitment involves two field days per month from March through July, monitoring an assigned area.

For more information visit www.rins.org or call, 801-977-4300.
Volunteers can also send an email to info@rins.org.


7 thoughts on “Raptor Inventory Nest Survey Volunteers Needed in Utah”

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