Meteor Shower Tonight

From the National Geographic News:

The annual Perseid meteor shower tonight reaches its peak, with a moonless sky providing near-perfect observing conditions late Thursday into early Friday.

Observers in Europe and North America will get the best sky show at the start of the peak, while viewers in Asia will see the most meteors early Friday.

This year the sky show will peak between 3 p.m. ET August 12 and 2 a.m. ET August 13. A very thin, waxing crescent moon will set about an hour after sunset, leaving behind a dark night sky for the Perseids.

National Geographic News Article

Here are some other resources:

This should be amazing to see and I hope I can get off work early enough tonight to watch and try and get a few photos!


One thought on “Meteor Shower Tonight”

  1. Well looks like I missed it tonight. Didn’t get off of work in time. Maybe tomorrow. Anyone get to see or get any good shots?

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