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Citizen Receives Bravery Award for Saving Life in Zion National Parks’ Angels Landing

Angels Landing trail

WASHINGTON – Department of the Interior Secretary Ken Salazar recently presented the prestigious Citizen’s Award for Bravery to a modest California police detective, David Bavencoff, for his actions to save the life of a hiker in Zion National Park who slipped off Angels Landing Trail. Continue reading

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Salt Lake City Joins Urgent Call for National Action on Global Warming

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA Français : Salt Lake...

SALT LAKE CITY— Salt Lake City has joined more than a dozen other U.S. cities in urging national leaders to use the Clean Air Act to reduce greenhouse gas pollution and slow global warming. The city council, in passing a resolution Tuesday night, is the latest city to join the Center for Biological Diversity’s national Clean Air Cities campaign.  Continue reading

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Zeer Pot Fridge

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An Inuit Builder Crafts His Last Canoe : NPR

In a remote corner of northern Canada, Joe Goudie is at work on his very last boat for sale.

The Inuit community in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador once used wood and canvas canoes to navigate the rivers of Labrador.

Goudie, 72, is Inuit, but grew up as that tradition was drawing to a close.

Today, he’s the last person building wooden canoes in this corner of Canada.

“The one thing you need to remember — not just [about] building canoes, but working with wood — the wood is going to want to assume its natural shape,” Goudie says at his workshop. A canoe hangs suspended from the ceiling. “If you force it, it’s not going to work right. So you can’t force it.”

via An Inuit Builder Crafts His Last Canoe : NPR.

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The Power of Words

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Mountain man scares owners of remote Utah cabins – Yahoo! News

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — He’s eluded authorities for more than five years, a mountain man who roams the wilderness of southern Utah, breaking into remote cabins in winter, living in luxury off hot food, alcohol and coffee before stealing provisions and vanishing into the woods.

Investigators have clawed for clues, scouring cabins for fingerprints that match no one and chasing reports of brief encounters only to come up short, always a step behind the mysterious recluse.

They’ve found abandoned camps, dozens of guns, high-end outdoor gear stolen from the homes and trash strewn around the forest floor.

But the man authorities say is armed and dangerous and responsible for more than two dozen burglaries has continued to outrun the law across a swath of mountains not far from Zion National Park. He’s roamed across 1,000 square miles of rugged wilderness where snow can pile 10 feet deep in winter.

via Mountain man scares owners of remote Utah cabins – Yahoo! News.

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